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Membership benefits

As well as receiving access to all the resources on Load2Learn for 12 months when you apply for membership, you also get a great range of additional benefits including discounts on classroom equipment and training courses.

Read about applying for Load2Learn membership.


Discount on RNIB products

RNIB logo10 per cent discount on a range of classroom equipment, such as DAISY players, access technology and Perkins braillers.


Discount on Dyslexia Guild membership

Dyslexia Action training logoSave up to 25 per cent on membership of the Dyslexia Guild, the Professional Body of Dyslexia Action.

For Load2Learn members, individual membership costs £45 (standard rate £55), while group membership is £70 (standard rate £95).

Benefits of the Guild include:

  • conferences and events at reduced rates
  • library membership of the National Training Resource Centre
  • Dyslexia Review publication three times a year
  • discounts on courses, suppliers and CPD events, Assessment Practising certificate.

Discounts on training courses

Woman typing on a laptop

RNIB online courses

  • RNIB Certificate in contracted (grade 2) English braille - £25 off

Learn more about RNIB's online courses and the discounts available to Load2Learn members.

Dyslexia Action training courses

Discounts are available on specially selected Dyslexia Action training courses - helping you continue your professional development.

Courses are available for teachers, trainers, teaching assistants, parents and other professionals who wish to increase their understanding of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.

Read about the latest Dyslexia Action training course discounts available to Load2Learn members.


Free inclusive curriculum resources

Insight magazine front coverRNIB's Curriculum Bitesize magazine provides advice on planning lessons, case studies, resource recommendations and news. The magazine focuses on something different each issue, for example one issue may focus on Science and the next Design and Technology.

Free Curriculum Bitesize articles are available to Load2Learn members. You can also access some free Insight magazine articles on RNIB's website



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