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FAQs - Images

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What are accessible images?

Accessible images can be read by people with sight loss. They can be either a tactile image or a large print with supporting materials. Some accessible images are a combination of tactile and large print image with raised or embossed lines and colour overprinted. Any text used would be either in braille or large print text.

Tactile Images

These are images specifically designed to be looked at by touch and not by sight. The image will usually have been designed to be simpler and bolder with only the essential elements of the image remaining. All non-essential decorative elements are removed. Dot and line textures replace colours.

Large Print Images

Large print images are designed to be clearer, simpler and larger than their mainstream equivalent. If a large print image has colour, clear bold colours should be chosen carefully so they would not be confusing for someone with colour vision deficiency.

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What images are available?

We continue to have a growing number of accessible images on Load2Learn. There will be something to interest everyone, as the collection includes images for curriculum subjects such as Science, Geography, Maths, History, Physical Education and Psychology as well as general interest images of nature, home and garden, life skills and hobbies to name a few!

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What resources are available for primary or secondary level?

All images have been identified with an educational level. You can do an advanced search to filter the searches by education level.

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Are new images being added and how do I find out about them?

Yes, new images are being added regularly from the files you supply to us and those we continue to design. Find out about new resources at What's new.

Don't forget that you can contribute your resources directly to Load2Learn too! 

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I can't find the image I am looking for, what can I do?

If you cannot find the image you are looking for on Load2Learn, please contact us, we can advise you if they are in design or ready to be uploaded.

Look at our request page to contact us about an image request.

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Why can I not download any files?

Membership must be applied for and activated before files can be downloaded.

If you have successfully applied for membership and are having trouble downloading please contact us with details, so we can help resolve the matter.

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What formats are the images available in?

Images are available as PDF and editable file types including CorelDraw, Illustrator and Word.

When you download an image from Load2Learn you will get a zipped file containing large print images and/or tactile images as print ready images (PDF's) and the editable file, where available. The print ready files (PDF) allow you to print and raise the image without special design software.

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What is a zip file?

Accessible image files on Load2Learn have been provided as zip files. A zip file contains files compressed to reduce their file size and stores them as a specific set of information/items. Each zip file may contain a variation of the following items:

  • Editable tactile image file in CorelDraw, Word or Illustrator formats- in contracted and/or uncontracted Braille.
  • Editable large print image file in CorelDraw, Word or Illustrator formats.
  • Tactile image in PDF format - in contracted and/or uncontracted Braille.
  • Large print file in PDF format.

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How do I produce the tactile image once I have downloaded it?

There is advice and support on how to produce your accessible images once you have downloaded it in our section on equipment and producing your own images.

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I don't have any equipment, how can I get my images produced for me?

Our network of duplication services can produce images and associated materials on your behalf and then send them to you. You can contact them directly to discuss your needs.

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I want to know more about creating my own images, where do I start?

We have provided lots of image training resources to get you started as well as for the more advanced designer.

To ensure that all images on the site are well designed and of good quality, we have produced some image standards and guidelines that all image resources need to meet before they can be displayed on the site. 

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Can the images be edited?

Yes, if we have been given the editable file, it will be included in the zipped image file that you download.

If you have the appropriate design software you can edit the image. You can get more information about how to do this by viewing our design software training pages. 

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