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Children in class facing a blackboard with their hands up to answer a questionIf you are a Publisher and want to know more about Load2Learn, read on.

If you want to know more about the publishers that are working with us on Load2Learn, visit our Publishers supporters page.

What is Load2Learn?

  • An easy way for teachers to obtain accessible versions of popular textbooks they use in class.
  • Thousands of titles, including textbooks and images for all Key Stages in downloadable, accessible formats.
  • Guidance and ‘how-to’ videos to convert texts and use with assistive technologies.

Load2Learn makes a real difference to over 10% of learners who may have difficulty reading standard print. We provide accessible curriculum resources to support learners who cannot use standard print materials, particularly those with dyslexia or who are blind or partially sighted.

Load2Learn is a service delivered by Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) with Dyslexia Action. The development of the service was funded by Department for Education (DfE).

As a Publisher why should I use Load2Learn?

  • Load2Learn provides a direct request service for specific textbook files – this is a faster, more streamlined service for end users.
  • By adding your titles to Load2Learn you reduce the time and costs of providing accessible copies to educators.
  • Load2Learn provides an additional marketing opportunity to schools and FE Colleges in the UK.
  • Supporting Load2Learn provides an opportunity to meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

“Load2Learn means instant access. It saves us so much time and frees up staff.” Sally, educational resource centre, Hull

Have a look at how other are publishers working with Load2Learn?

Making your files available on Load2Learn

Adding your publisher files to Load2Learn ensures that your files are made available to print-impaired learners.

We receive around 100 requests a month, and in preparing for the new academic year this goes up to over 200 requests per month! With your support we are typically able to fulfil 70% of the requests; either through obtaining the publisher PDF or already having the title in an accessible format, such as Word or audio, on our website.

How does the Automated Book Request Service work?

The customer simply enters the ISBN of the book they require into the Automated Book Request Service form and you will receive an email asking you to upload your publisher file (PDF) directly onto Load2Learn. Once the file has been validated by us, the customer will receive an email to tell them it is available for download.

The email you receive via the Automated Book Request Service will provide these details: title, ISBN, author and publisher.

Our members agree to our Terms and Conditions, which have been approved by the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA), and enable us to request files on their behalf to be made available through Load2Learn, and ensures that they are aware how to use the files correctly with their learners.

Uploading your files directly onto Load2Learn

Uploading book files on to Load2Learn is easy. Simply visit Contribute to add a new resource and then enter the ISBN and select the file format; the book details will be pulled through from the Bibliographic Database Service (BDS) for you to check through. A small amount of additional information is also required.

We are happy to answer any queries and further uploading guidance is also available. If you are still not sure, contact us.

Check your details on Publisher Lookup UK

Our Automated Book Request Service will search Publisher Lookup UK for your contact details. Please check the contact details you have listed there and update them if necessary.

Copyright requirements and reporting

We have worked with the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) and Intellectual Property Office to ensure the necessary requirements are met in our terms and conditions and in the advice given to users about how they access and use the resources.

Reports are sent annually (or on request) to CLA and we are also able to run reports for publishers if they wish to see which of their titles have been downloaded for use with print-impaired learners.

All the resources on Load2Learn are protected by copyright but are made available using one of the following permission types:

  • CLA Print Disability Licence
  • Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002
  • Publisher Permission

When a user signs up for a Load2Learn account they agree to our Terms and Conditions and before they can download, they are required to apply for membership, at which point we validate their account and if eligible activate their membership. At each download, members are required to check a tick box, to remind them about the Terms and Conditions, one of which is that they must own a copy of the original published work (print copy of the book).

Contact us

If you have any questions about the switch on of our Automated Book Request Service or uploading your files, please contact us.


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