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Girl looking at a large print accessible imageEducators and learners have been telling us their stories about the difference Load2Learn can make to them.

Find out how different people and organisations are providing services to blind, partially sighted and dyslexic learners.

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Learners' stories

  • Year 10 braillist's story: How access to electronic resources helps with studies.
  • Richard's story: Access to academia.
  • Mohammed and Zoe's story: Benefits to mainstream learners.
  • Alfie's story: How a dyslexic learner could benefit from the resources on Load2Learn.

Dyslexia specific stories

  • Claudine's story: Load2Learn makes it easier for dyslexic learners to access textbooks.
  • Adam's story: Load2Learn is making a difference to dyslexic learners.
  • A SENCO's story: A SENCO's opinion on the ways Load2Learn will help dyslexic learners engage with the curriculum.
  • Val's story: Load2Learn helps learners with dyslexia participate and achieve in their lessons.

Creating Load2Learn resources 

  • A Transcriber's story: Getting textbooks from Load2Learn.
  • Christopher's story: Load2Learn helps a Learning Support Assistant produce accessible documents more quickly.

Using Load2Learn resources 

  • A Vice Principal's story: Load2Learn as a research tool for learners.
  • Helen's story: How Load2Learn has saved time in producing accessible books.
  • A subject teacher's story: How a subject teacher can use the resources from Load2Learn in a mixed classroom.
  • Sarah's story: How Load2Learn will help make a Curriculum Officer's job easier.
  • Hilary and Isabel's story: How the documents on Load2Learn will help braille transcribers create better resources for learners.

Sharing Load2Learn resources

  • Stuart's story: Sharing resources on Load2Learn.        
  • New College Worcester's story: Contributing content to Load2Learn and the importance of past exam papers.
  • Cathy's story: Contributing to Load2Learn and raising its profile.

Using Load2Learn

  • Carol and Alison's story: Setting up and account and preferences on Load2Learn.

Latest stories


AQAScience as a print volume, 10 braille volumes and 5 tactile image volumesAccess to electronic resources helps with studies

"It's easier to get the materials that you need. When you're coming up to exams and you know you need to revise you can just easily download whatever textbook that you work from and I think that for revision purposes it's really important, really good." S, Year 10 braillist, Priestley Smith School.

Read A Year 10 braillist's story



Richard in his school libraryAccess to Academia

“I've so often heard of authors and works in Physics which I've sort of thought 'oh that would be quite cool I wonder if… oh no, of course it's not going to be in braille', they never are.” Richard, Sixth form student, New College Worcester.

Read Richard's story



Mohamed and Zoe in their school libraryBenefits to mainstream learners 

"People at mainstream schools who haven't got all the resources to make all the diagrams and things can get them off the Load2Learn site." Mohammed, Year 7 student.

Read Mohammed and Zoe's story



Hilary and Isabel outside their reprographics officeGetting textbooks from Load2Learn

"If a textbook is available on Load2Learn, it means we don't have to go through the whole process of scanning the book." Hilary, Braille transcriber, Priestley Smith School.

Read A transcriber's story


Parker E-Act Academy logoLoad2Learn is making a difference to dyslexic learners

“I’ve already had one student say to me that she now feels more understood about the issues that she faces.  She said she can just listen to the things now instead of having to struggle to learn them in different ways, so she feels really pleased that she understands more because of the way she can use it.  And she can revise using it as well.” Adam, SENCo, The Parker E-Act Academy

Read Adam's story


Chris from New College Worcester looking at an accessible image bookLoad2Learn as a research tool for learners

“There's always a question of extension materials, there's always more that some students would devour. I think that this is where visually impaired students are disadvantaged because there are so many good resources now on the internet, resources for active learning which are not accessible to a visually impaired learner so they miss out on a lot of the extension activities which a sighted person would have.” Chris Stonehouse, Vice Principal, New College Worcester.

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New College Worcester logoSharing resources on Load2Learn

“The great thing is they could do something that you haven't thought of. You get new ideas about how to produce diagrams, and what looks good and what isn't good.” Stuart, Head of Geography, New College Worcester.

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Load2Learn makes it easier for dyslexic learners to access textbooks Learner sat at a PC, wearing headphones and talking to his teacher

“On screen it makes it a lot easier for the students to be able to flick through and look at different things more easily than manipulating a textbook, so it certainly helps from that respect. Also because we can change the view, the brightness on screen, we minimise the glare that normally you would get from a textbook as well, so in that respect learners prefer it.” Claudine, Specialist Teacher, Wolverhampton Grammer School.

Read Claudine's Story


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