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About membership

Membership of Load2Learn is free to educators in the UK who are supporting print-impaired learners and allows you to download curriculum resources, including textbooks. A guide to print-disability definitions is available. 

  • Before you can apply for Load2Learn membership, you need to .
  • Please read our membership terms and conditions.
  • Guidance on applying for membership is available.

Membership allows you to download materials over a 12 month period in accordance with our Terms and conditions. You will need to renew your membership on an annual basis, to ensure you remain eligible to access Load2Learn resources.

Membership rates

United Kingdom

  • Free.
  • Access to all books and images.

Europe (not yet available - coming soon)

  • £350 for an annual download limit of 250 files.
  • Access to 90 percent of books and all images.

Rest of the World (not yet available - coming soon)

  • £250 for a download limit of 100 files, further downloads can be purchased.
  • Access to all images, no books are available at present due to Copyright permissions.

Membership groups

One membership group per school or organisation will be created on one staff member's account. That staff member is then responsible for managing the group and inviting other to join the group in order to give them download rights. However, each user must sign up for their own free Load2Learn account.

Users that could be invited to join your group include teachers and students at the school, colleagues you work with in your local support team and parents who wish to have access in order to support their children with homework.

Please remember, parents and students can only download books that they are using at school (that the school has original print copies of) or that they own at home. Access is given at your discretion, please remember to remove them from your group once the student no longer attends your school.

To invite users to join your membership group, go to 'my account' and then select 'manage my group'. Read our Help on groups.

Membership benefits and offers

Discover the great range of benefits available to Load2Learn members, including discounts on products and online courses.

How does Load2Learn benefit schools?

Load2Learn offers schools an extremely flexible and effective way to support learners who struggle to read standard print:

  • students who may be living with dyslexia, partially sighted or blind. The resource can be used by any member of staff supporting a student who has identified issues accessing text (i.e. is on the SEN register or equivalent)
  • this may potentially be up to 10% of the school
  • providing that the text/book has already been bought by the school.

An example:

  • An English GCSE course, in a Year group of 120, there may be 12 young people who will need support, perhaps through DAISY players or text to speech versions of their four Year 11 key texts, plus the anthology, plus revision notes and exam papers - a total of 96 documents (minimum), then multiply that number of documents through the curriculum!
  • For 'high literacy' subjects (History, Geography, Drama) and some of those with key texts such as Science, Technologies, the cost per document falls dramatically.

Increasing learning, improving outcomes

Load2Learn helps learners to access text more easily, helping them achieve more:
  • they understand more and are engaged in lessons
  • they are able to work more independently, improving self-confidence
  • teachers and teaching assistants are freed up from time-consuming preparation, enabling them to better support learners in the class - teachers and teaching assistants can work with the pupil, not for the pupil
  • helps schools to meet the requirements around Equality Act (2010) and provide access to the curriculum for a significant group of learners.

Read your stories and comments to learn how all print-impaired learners and staff supporting them can benefit from Load2Learn.



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