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Need some help finding the information you want on Load2learn? Follow the links below to find pointers on how to use the site and resources. 

We also have a lot of site and training resource videos on our video page.

How do I use the site?

  • Information about how to use the site.

How do I use the resources?

  • Information about how to use the resources on the site.
  • Copyright guidance about using and storing the resources you download from this site.
  • Explanations of the permissions for use for all of the resources on the site.
  • Advice on definitions of print disabilities.
  • Information on what can you download and who can download materials from Load2Learn.
  • Information on what and how you can contribute materials onto Load2Learn, as well as guidance on the copyright issues.


  • The glossary is a list of explanations for key terms that you will come across while using Load2Learn.

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