Videos on Load2Learn

Information videos

RNIB's video showing what blind and partially sighted people think about accessible images:

Site videos

Site videos show you how and why to use Load2Learn.

Training videos

Have a look at the training videos we have put together, there are more on the way:


  • The use and purpose of tactile images
  • The importance of supporting a tactile image
  • Introducing tactile design principles
  • Equipment, materials and getting an image onto paper
  • Raising an image on swell paper and problem solving
  • CorelDRAW Software Training
  • Microsoft Word Software Training
  • Adobe Illustrator Software Training

Structured Word documents

  • Why are structured documents important?
  • Creating structured Word 2010 documents
  • Creating structured Word 2003 documents

If there are videos you would like to see on the site either as a site or training video, please contact us.


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