Training and guidance

To help you get the most out of Load2Learn and its resources we have provided some easy to use training and guidance on using, modifying and creating accessible resources for your learners. 


Guidance on accessible formats

to view these resources. Take a look at an example of our training resources available without registration on Word Accessibility training.

  • Types of accessible formatsChoosing the right format
  • Accessible images
  • Braille
  • eBooks
  • MP3
  • PDF
  • Word  
  • Storing files

Using iPad devices

Heres some quick guidance on using Load2Learn files on iPads:

Using Kindles and other Ebook reading devices

  • Information on Ebook reading devices and software
  • Converting files to use on a Kindle

Video resources: learners using technology

Have a look at how learners can use technolnoy in practice. view our 4 videos on how learners are using technology to learn.

Training videos

This video shows how quick and easy it is to produce accessible documents.

Select the play button to start the video (you will need permission to access YouTube to be able to view this video on a network).



Have a look at some of the other training videos we have put together on our Videos page

Creating and using accessible curriculum resources - a self-study course

This free self-study training covers and introduction to technologies that can be used to make reading more inclusive, and is based on some of the Inclusive Technologies for Reading course that was delivered November 2012 to March 2013.

You will be able to work through this training at your own pace as you access it through our training web pages. Visit the self study course now.

Accessibility posters 

Download and print these useful A3 posters covering accessible image design principles, structured documents and converting structured documents to other accessible formats.


  • Accessible image design principles (PDF, 285KB)
  • Structured documents (PDF, 490KB)
  • Converting structured documents (PDF, 220KB)

Accessibility cue cards 

To help you with learning how to use technology in an accessible way we have created a set of cue cards that you can download, print and use.

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