Fame and Responsibility: What Influencers can do better


Today’s world is run by influencers and celebrities more than it is by politicians and governments. It is the soft influence that makes the most impact because people follow those they truly admire. And with the advent of social media, it is not at all that hard to create a cut in the fabric and induce an influence of your own.

This makes the iconic dialogue by Uncle Ben from Spiderman relevant now more than ever:

With great power comes great responsibility.

The Path to Power

Influencers: The Path to Power

The journey of an influencer always begins with a passion. An interest, a desire.

Feeling validated through the attention and appreciation of others is a very human trait we possess even as toddlers when we do what makes our parents praise us again and again. Until ultimately, the amusement runs out and we find some other thing with which to gain their attention. All this to say, it is indeed natural for today’s youngsters to go on social media and create posts that attract attention. But that isn’t influencing, and it does not create any significant influence over those who entertain it.

The real influencers are generally those who have something to say or possess some quality within themselves that they wish to showcase to the world. Take the TikTok influencers, for example. We tend to think of them all as unworthy of the large following they garner, but if you’ve ever noticed, the genuinely good dancers, orators, and actors receive the most followers. This isn’t in reference to the actors from the entertainment industry but of those ordinary people who, in their spare time (until they gain enough followers to go full-time), act in their own short-form videos about things the public can find relatable.

Most influencer journeys begin as pastimes. Then, when they realize the great potential of turning their favorite pastime into a full-blown career, the motive begins to encompass the aim of generating likes for TikTok, then followers.

Through their relatable and (in some cases) informative content, which amuses and entertains, they gain people’s trust. The relationship between an influencer and their followers turns into a one-sided friendship. Because the influencer has their life, opinions, and experiences out there, we feel like we know them, to some extent. Once a level of investment in the influencer’s life is achieved, the emotion that then surfaces is much like that towards a friend. But because the influencer does not ever engage (apart from the comments) or get to know their many followers in the same way as the followers do, it becomes an unreciprocated devotion.

What Power Does

Influencers: What Power Does

This devotion of the followers makes them look at the influencer with trust. They feel like they know who the influencer is, so whatever they say can be believed.

Conversely, influencers realize the extent of the ground they are running in and desire to reach its very ends. With the backing of such faithful supporters, they become valuable to industries and corporations. Anyone who wishes to reach the people does it through them.

It is here that the influencers need to tread carefully. To know where they wish to go and through which means.

The Ideal Influencer

Because of the heavy compensation they receive, influencers forget to consider their followers’ well-being. The followers who incessantly profess their care for the influencer.

Influencers have a long way to go, and multiple doors open before them. However, they need to realize which of these can be harmful to their followers. The people have put their faith in them, and it is only fair they live up to the love they are bestowed.

Influencers’ work includes obtaining sponsors and partnerships, and people know that. What matters is which products, ideologies, and people influencers support.

Here are a few things we believe every influencer should be mindful of:


Time and again, people have shown that they love what they find relatable and real. But somehow, in the journey of fame, influencers turn from passionate creators to strategic maneuvers.

Being genuine and supporting those products and ideas that one truly believes in is a big part of feeling content and satisfied with oneself. Influencers should let people keep seeing their real selves even if they have changed, with the trust that their followers will keep loving them. However, the truth is, that people don’t. People are just as quick to hate as they are to love. But then the choice between real and fake becomes that much more significant. The choice between loving yourself and being loved by multiple strangers.

Understanding the importance of your position

The social position that influencers reach is far beyond what activists ever do. It is the influencer’s responsibility to know their power and make a difference. To use the platform they have the privilege of standing on.

Helping society is something all influencers should prioritize.

Soft Influence

The jokes, speech, and attitude of influencers are all out on display. The people they make fun of and the way of life they support are all visible, even if it is unintentional. This means they must let their audience know what virtues they stand by, even when they cannot adhere to them.

We all aspire to be good and do good but often cannot. Rarely does an opportunity bestow itself. We must have enough will and conviction to turn thought into action.

Having a solid base

Most celebrities jump onto ideologies as they do on trends, based on which are currently popular. But they will find themselves hollow and lost if they do not have firm ground to stand on. As they say, ‘Make your bed and lie in it.’

We would advise influencers and celebrities alike to know what they stand for and make sure it is not based on any other factor than that they think it right. It is daunting, and sometimes, it may even leave one completely alone. It is in moments like these when we ourselves come to realize whether our beliefs and causes are truly valuable to us.

Strive for a life where there is no day in which it is unpleasant to look in the mirror.


Influencer life isn’t as flowery as it appears to be. It is a life of contradictions and moral battles. Those who stumble, fall. This article explained the complex nature of famous lives and the responsibility that accompanies it. Influencers need to stand as authentic human beings against all forces that lure them to a place of no return. Our integrity is always more valuable than any likes or followers out there.